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Posted: 09/13/2013 by Taurian

Pirate Outposts make an entry into the universe. These are NPC owned Stations that hold valuable loot. These outposts are heavily protected by unmanned Flak Cannons.

When an explorer mission is initially generated, there is a 50% chance that it will be protected by an outpost. Note: Pirate Outposts will go live 24 hours after the 3.4 release. This new feature along with various other bug fixes and changes are listed below:

Pirate Outposts: NPC owned stations. Hold loot and heavily protect some explorer missions.
Forum Badges: Support for US Army, Founder, Backer, Moderator and more. Read more details on KS Update 5.
Controls: Pressing the W and S key at the same time no longer confuses the ship. You cannot thrust forward when your breaking thrusters are firing.
Personnel Jackets: The actual name of crafted items now appear on your Personnel Jacket.
Promotions: Pilots are only awarded merits for successfully crafted items.
Station Inventory: You can now see an item’s weight when you select it in your station/cargo bay inventory.
Crafting: A bug allowing items to be craftged without consuming ingredients has been fixed.
Crafting: A Developer Popup has been removed when clicking on an assembly line item that is not complete.
Station Deployment: Stations no longer insta-construct and adhere to the minimum 24 hour construction time. Your current HTR rank can lower the overall time.
Local Marketplace: The Local Marketplace Panel now hides correctly when switching to a different menu on the station.
Looting: Failing to pickup loot because it won’t fit in cargo bay no longer results in the inability to dock.
HUD (Space): The consume button now appears correctly on smaller screens.


  • We’ve hit our Kickstarter Goal: Check it out.
  • The ‘next’ update may not be compatible with the current ESG Launchpad. Stay tuned for an updated Launchpad.
  • Post your thoughts on the latest release below.

Find a bug? Have a New idea? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.


-Edward “Taurian” Melville

  • HandsomeDan

    Love the concept of the Pirate Outposts! Can’t wait to see if the NPC Pirates themselves start expanding their own territories into player travelled areas of deep Cradle space…

    Keep up the great work, Ed!

  • Tom

    Hi there, just installed the client and purchased a ship package. I logged in and all it says is connecting to unity.

  • tiprack

    i backed with kickstarter. and made account. but i did not (so far) get a key pass to enter the game. any can help me?

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